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Let our McBed Collection transform your sleep
a key to balance and well-being.

Founded on a dream to improve how we sleep, McIntosh celebrates over 5 decades of being in the Sleep Wellness Business. Our mission to enhance Well-Being is the driving force behind the selection of materials, components and products. Combined with industry knowledge, expertise, dedicated hard work and international linkages, the McBed Collection range is carefully designed, constructed and tested to ensure excellence in every fiber of their craft.

Our Products

The Collection offers a wide range of high-quality Mattresses, Sleep Systems, Beds, Bed Supports and Accessories, designed to suit diverse lifestyles, body types, sleep positions and personal preferences. We at McIntosh believe that Balance and Well-Being can be achieved through Good Nutrition, Physical Fitness, Peace of Mind and Restful Sleep. ….. because sleep matters, we invite you to journey with us as we present our  McBed Collection designed to align, support and comfort you for your best nights sleep.


Mattress Collection

Ultra Premium to a starter mattress, Plush, Cushion Firm  to Ultra Firm, choose from a wide assortment of Inner Spring mattresses ranging from 9.5” to 15″ high. Available in King, Queen, Double and Twin Size, the McBed mattress features a double sided product in Flat Top, Pillow-Top or Dual Top. For our young ones to our young at heart, we aim to cater to all our clients mattress requirements. 

Double-Sided Mattresses provides longevity and it is recommended that you Flip and Rotate regularly.


Base Collection

Would you build a house without the proper foundation? Don’t buy a mattress without a well constructed Base. McIntosh has been manufacturing furniture for over 50 years and we make one of the best well-designed, robust Bed Bases. Available in 4 Heights, 4 Leg Styles, 4 Leg Colour Options, the bases are upholstered, to complement the companion mattress.

To ensure uniform support, correct center and lathe placement is essential for even weight distribution. 



Pillows, Bolsters, Toppers, Protectors. All designed to accentuate and enhance the sleeping experience. 

It is recommended that you change your pillows every 2 years. 


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